Somebody’s Gotta Pay!



As Smoke and Ed walked through the store parking lot they noticed a group of hood niggas and some girls huddled up. They were having a freestyle session. Everybody got hype as the young homie Dom delivered bar after bar. Smoke walked in the store to get what they needed, while Ed stayed outside talking to a young nigga from the hood named Nino.  Nino was the same age as him and Smoke. They all went to school together and grew up on the same block. Ed knew Nino was about his money, so he decided to turn him up on some deals.  “Wuddup fool?” Ed said as he gave Nino a pound. “I’m coolin bro, what it do?” Nino responded. “Aye you need some work?” Lil Ed asked. “Nah I’m good right now.  I still got a little bit left. Why, wus good?” Nino asked curious to know what Ed was up to. “Shiiiiiiiiid, between me and you I got a lil somethin, and it’s dat good shit.” Ed said, looking Nino in the eyes nodding his head with confidence.  “And I got a little bit of smoke. Dat shit stupid loud bro!”  

“Oh yeah?” Nino said with a slight grin on his face, wondering who the fuck Ed robbed. He was already hip to how Ed and Smoke got down. “Yeah” Lil Ed said, then Smoke came out the store and gave Nino a pound. “You ready nigga?” he asked Ed. “Yeah we out bro.” Ed responded. “Nino just hit my phone bro and we gone link up.”  

“No doubt my nig,” said Nino as he gave Ed another pound.  As Smoke and Ed were walking away a black Range Rover with tinted windows pulled up in the parking lot slowly, demanding everybody’s attention. Ed stopped and tapped Smoke on the shoulder. “Who dat bro?” he asked. Before Smoke could respond, gunshots started poppin off.  BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Bullets was flying everywhere as G-Money aimed his guns recklessly squeezing the trigger.  Everybody scattered ducking for cover. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! G-Money was dumpin the twin Glock .40’s like a mad man. Aiming to knock down WHOEVER! Smoke and Ed was both breathing hard ducking on the side of a car. They stayed low until they heard the sounds of tires screeching. As the Range sped out of the parking lot Smoke and Ed both got up and started running after it. POP, POP, POP, BOOM, BOOM, POP, BOOM, BOOM! They tried their best to hit the Range but it was too late, G-Money was out of sight.  

You good bro?” Ed asked Smoke. “Yeah, I think so,” Smoke responded. He was breathing heavy and checking his  body to make sure he wasn’t hit. When Ed looked across the parking lot what he saw was beyond heartbreaking. Nino laid flat on his back slumped. “Damn bro” Ed whispered. Smoke shook his head and grabbed Ed’s shoulders “Come on bro we gotta bounce before dem people come.” As they were running out of the parking lot they noticed two females laying face down on the ground.  


Somebody’s Gotta Pay!

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First blog post

It’s always good in the hood when the sun is shining. Manchester block (better known as the Chestee) was poppin! EVERYBODY WAS OUT from the hustlaz, fiends, to the hood rats. Smoke and Lil Ed was walking to DB’s corner store. They needed some blunts and sandwich bags to bag up the work they hit Biggs for. After dumping out the bag they got from Biggs they came up with a brick of soft and two pounds of granddaddy purp. It was less than they expected but compared to what they had before it was MORE THAN ENOUGH!